"He who has health has hope; He who has hope has everything."~Arabic Proverb

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ummmm...about that!

Wow, I didn't know it had been so long since I've written--this blog thing is quite the commitment and I guess I didn't really think about that when I first came to the conclusion that I wanted to write a blog about this fitness princess business!

Well I've continued my walking but I'm not seeing a whole lot of results and I think that's because I haven't been pushing myself and I took a couple of days off here and there within the last week but I also think I've rethought some things.

For instance I came up with one main goal....lose 75lbs in a one year period starting now. So if I average a 2lb weight loss every week then that goal should be easy to accomplish. Beginning next week I'm going to try and really force myself to walk at least 5 times a week, no skipping the 5 times will need to be mandatory. I've also started cutting down on my caloric intake this past week (with the exception of all those free drinks @ Beauty Bar on Wednesday night for Cinco de Mayo :o) and I have been eating less at lunch and dinner. I'm not starving myself but I'm not snacking as much so I'm consuming at least 200-300 less per day than I was just two weeks ago.

I've been a little lazy this week but I did have a lot going on, I'm not being too hard on myself for this week because it felt good to relax a little. I did hit a couple of rough spots this week and kind of had a bit of an emotional background because of my "situation" but I'm ok and I just had to cry it out. Maybe I'll touch on that a little later for those who don't already know my situation but not tonight, tonight I rest my head.

Goodnight...until next time!


Thursday, May 6th

Sausage biscuit from McDonalds
Hashbrown from McDonalds
Diet Coke

No AM snack

Yogurt w/ granola
Diet Coke

PM snack:
corn tortilla
3 slices of avacado

1/2 blue cheese hamburger
(fixin's: grilled onion, lettuce, light mayo, 2 avacado slices)
baked crinkle cut fries

*No walking but did do some yard work :o)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yesterday....fuggetabout it!

LOL....well I don't even know if I want to write about yesterday (Wednesday) 'cause it wasn't exactly my most disciplined day! But I had kind of an off kilter day....I only went to work until 1:00 pm 'cause I had an interview at 2:00 and then later at night I went to the Coheed & Cambria concert w/ my Bestest! Needless to say I didn't get my walking in but I did a bunch of jumping around @ the concert, does that count?!?!?

Wednesday April 27th, 2010:

1/2 my sandwich from the night before
boiled egg
diet coke
*kind of a big breakfast but I knew I wouldn't be taking a lunch break

AM snack:

Lunch (ate after my interview @ around 2:15):
sausage wrap (I was after all in Elgin, TX...what are ya gonna do?)
diet coke

Arroz con pollo (2 pieces of chicken)
3 tortillas
ice tea
*hmmmm this sounds like a lot too

ummm.....jumping around at the concert last night?!?!?

***Well I guess I'll be walking a little longer tonight :o)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cereal is Stupid!

Ok so this whole cereal-for-dinner ain't gonna work! Last night I tried it and then as I was watching TV before bed and it was on the Food Network and yeah that was basically torture! And I wasn't gonna mention this but I did go grab a snack last night and it was pretty late and that kind of defeats the purpose. I had some vegetable flavored crackers (like wheat thins) and tuna so it wasn't the worse snack in the world but come on I didn't even make it one day :o) :o(

Oh well. So today I knew I was gonna come home and go walking--it was GORGEOUS today by the way for those of you who didn't notice!!! Anyway, my mom says to me, "Let's go to that furniture shop we saw and let's go to Big Lots!" Well I put my work out clothes on in case we got home late and I needed to make a dash and get a quick walk in as soon as we pulled in the driveway. Ummm then my mom proceeds to tell me, "Oh and we should go eat a sub at Saccone's 'cause they're really good there!!! And if we eat early it will be ok." Ummmm yeah so I knew cereal wasn't on the menu tonight. Now I know I could have said no and gone home and eaten my stupid cereal, but then I would have resented this whole fitness thing and would have become discouraged. So what did I do, you ask? Oh this is good....when we got to the sub shop, I got out of the car, left my purse, told my mom what I wanted on my sandwich and WALKED HOME! It was about a 2 mile walk and yes that's the sound of me patting myself on my back you hear :o)

Here's what I ate today.....

Tuesday, April 27th 2010

1 flour tortilla
1 scrambled egg
Diet Coke (I needed the caffeine)

AM snack:
Sun Chips (Harvest Cheddar flavor)

Pasta Salad (bow tie pasta, cucumber, tomato, italian dressing)
3 strips of grilled chicken
Sugar free chocolate pudding
Diet Coke

PM snack:
3 pieces of cantaloupe
1 blueberry nutrigrain bar

1/2 of a 9" Italian Sub (salami, ham, provolone, lettuce, red onion, light mayo)
sm serving of Ruffle's potato chips
1/4 big kosher dill

....all in all, not such a bad day :o)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Feelin' Guilty Already...

Ok, I know it's been a few days since my last blog...but I swear there's method to my madness, that and I kinda fell off the fitness bandwagon for a few days. It happened on Wednesday of last week....I had a couple of friends over and had a carb overload of baked chicken alfredo and several glasses of dee-licious red wine. And then Thursday it was raining and I was so sleepy that I ended up falling asleep 7:45 and slept the whole night until it was time to wake up for work the next morning.

Fear not faithful readers (all two of you) when Friday rolled around I got right back on track (no pun intended :o) and went walking, I also woke up Saturday morning and walked for about 45 minutes. Sunday I went to church with a friend, it had been a while and I really enjoyed it. Not that church has anything to do with my fitness but it did wonders for my soul which many of you can agree that a happy soul can contribute to one's health....but I won't dwell on religious matters, let's get down to business now!

I started a new temp. assignment last week & I have to say, that whenever I'm working I tend to eat better, like there's a routine. I eat breakfast faithfully, have my morning snack at 10:45, eat my sensible lunch and then my afternoon snack before I leave work. That's the ideal eating pattern, to eat frequently throughout the day so that your metabolism continues to burn energy rather than conserve it when you starve yourself. I want to take time to remind the reader that I'm not on a diet. I do not intend to starve myself or limit myself to 20 grams of carbs a day, or cut anything out of my diet completely. I love food. I love the preparation of meals, the smell that fills the house, and the people that gather to eat my yummy creations. I love the fact that food can take you back to past vacations, childhood memories, grandmas kitchen, etc....there's just something to be said about a good meal. And because of all those reasons I don't intend to stop enjoying food, it will just be in moderation from now on. Now, back to the job....so anyway I met this older lady who's well into her 60's and she was telling us that she had been to her doctor's office back in January and he told her she needed to lose some weight. By March she had lost 20 lbs--now that's pretty damn good considering she didn't really exercise much because she's just not physically able to over exert herself and she's a woman who's in her 60's. Scientifically it's harder for women to lose weight, even more so as we get older so the fact that she was able to shed the weight so quickly is pretty amazing. So of course we all asked her, "what did you do?" She said that she started drinking a big glass of water before each meal....like a good 30 minutes before and that for dinner she would just eat a bowl of cereal and some fruit maybe, "just something light," she says. Ummmm that's where I stopped listening and cut her off to let her know how dinner is my favorite meal and how I enjoy cooking for me & my mom or me & my friends. So she says to me, "well--then just save the big meals like that for the weekends." The light bulb immediately went off in my head, challenge accepted.

So for the next two weeks I'm gonna try just that. I will continue to eat breakfast faithfully, I will continue to take my morning snack at 10:45, eat my sensible lunch, afternoon snack, and at dinner--I shall have cereal and some fruit or something light like that. I don't know how this will go considering dinner used to be my biggest meal of the day--I probably won't like it at first but I will give it at least two weeks to see what results, if any will unveil themselves.

I haven't really outlined my whole plan to y'all yet but that's probably 'cause I really didn't know quite where I was going with this exactly so this will be a journey for both me & the reader! I think it will take a while to find my niche, this is after all a change intended for the long run and I have to find something that works for me. But basically I plan to try and stay active 5-6 times a week, eat more sensibly in smaller portions, without depriving myself and allowing myself to indulge on the weekends. Life, after all is for the living and I plan to do a lot of living in this lifetime! I will also try to keep a journal of what I eat, by posting it daily via this blog. Starting today. Some blogs will just be recordings of what exercise I've done for the day as well as what I ate, and some blogs may be lengthy like this one 'cause I am a chatterbox. I might update y'all on the amount of weight I lose, for example I weighed myself last week & noticed I had lost 2 lbs in a one week period. Pretty good considering it was just one week, but I'm sure it won't be like this every week. So wish me luck, here goes nothing...and everything.

Monday, April 26th, 2010:

1 sm cup of strawberry yogurt
1 blueberry Nutrigrain bar
1 banana
1 cand of diet 7-Up (my stomach was upset this morning)

A.M. Snack:
1 boiled egg
1 sm bag of Sun Chips (Harvest Chips)

2 chicken strips
2 fried shrimp (both leftovers from Cheddar's)
3 pieces of juicy, yummy, dee-licous cantaloupe

P.M. Snack:
1 Diet Coke (I needed some caffeine)
1 pckg of those orange crackers w/ peanut butter

Cheerios w/ nonfat milk
Sm apple

Brisk walking for 3o minutes

....until tomorrow!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's sorta like a fitness "Julie & Julia"

...I guess that's the best way I can describe this whole blog thing! I mean I've found myself stuck in a rut and the funny thing is that the pit in which I've found myself has nothing to do with my health or fitness. I'm kind of putting myself waaaaay out there by posting this blog because unless you really, really know me there are some things on here that I'll be sharing that you might not know about me yet. And that's a scary thought for me (and quite possibly the reader too.)

It's a long story and I won't go into all the details (that's another blog for another day) but basically I managed to make some poor choices along the way and now I find myself dealing with the consequences of those choices. But I have discovered that once you've hit your bottom, there's nowhere else to go but up. That's the good news. The bad news is discovering exactly how hard it is to get back up once you've fallen. I'm working on all that and I'm getting back on my feet but in the meantime I've been inspired to do some other self-improvement along the way.

We'll get into more detail as this blog progresses but for now here's the basic outline. My challenge is to a.) start and continue an excercise regimine. Currently I am walking at least 5-6 times a week and b.) start and continue to maintain a more nutritious and wholesome diet. Maybe at the end of this little adventure I'll be a lean mean fitness queen or maybe I'll just be a happier healthier version of the Princess y'all have always loved and adored....either way, challenge accepted.